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Our Coral Aquaculture farm is one hour north of Perth on 30 acres zoned "rural conservation" for the protection of old growth Tuart trees.

Our first 250m2 culture room has 200mm thick insulation to save power on heating and cooling. We are also running energy efficient LED lighting.

We are fully "licenced" to culture all manner of corals, fish, invertebrates and live rock.

We do not sell wild collected corals simply cut into smaller pieces like a "chop shop". All our aquacultured corals will have no tissue originating from wild reefs. The mother donor colonies are maintained here, they are truly of a cultured origin. Our corals were removed from the reef ' ONCE ' then maintained here in perpetuity.

Most our brood being here now for 10 or more years with some now being cloned for up to 25 years since being taken from a wild reef.

Some corals we currently sell are completely removed from wild collection have been spawned and grown from an egg and then that generation has indeed been used to spawn new generations.

Our aim is to provide a new product to the Australian market ‘small cultured corals’ not just ‘sticks on discs’ our corals are grown on natural look molded coral stones created from very small beginnings and grown into a natural shape colony. Most of our corals will have been in ‘culture’ well in excess of a year!

Our corals and invertebrates are selected to be suitable for and grown in re circulation systems and finished under standard aquarium hobbyist style lighting. We expect hobbyists will enjoy a higher degree of success with them than wild collected or ocean grown alternatives longer term.

We continue to strive to find and add to our species list with time, with many new corals already in development soon to be released for sales.

We also source and distribute other cultured marine ornamentals from environmentally conscious suppliers around Australia.

The beginnings of a hobby independent from wild collections on natural reefs!