Oceanarium - Marine Aquarium Supplies



Our history to date has been primarily collecting and marketing of marine specimens from wild reefs mainly sourced from within the Dampier Archipelago in northern Western Australia. We have seen considerable changes in the marine environment of the Archipelago with many events leading to a continual decline in the marine habitat of the area.  
Cyclones and excessive fresh water and sediment run off.  
Port expansions with the mining, oil and gas boom of the Pilbara create a continuation of dredging and laying of pipe lines with constant plumes of sediments.  
The dreaded coral bleaching events that are becoming more severe and frequent, some years having now claimed up to 80% of the remaining corals.  
Under these strains the coral reefs of the Dampier archipelago now seem stressed and susceptible to predators and disease.  
We have seen significant numbers of coralivours in areas causing localized depletion of corals.  
We have also discovered coral disease in areas we have always collected in yet never seen these diseases there before.  
With a continual increasing demand from our hobby for more and more product, it became apparent to us it was time to change our methodology. We decided to direct our efforts towards providing more sustainable options and start up a aquaculture farm specifically for the aquarium hobby.  
Our time in the industry as wild collect fishers has positioned us with the knowledge and infrastructure to take this step and join the small but growing number of businesses who have already begun to supply animals not collected from the wild.  
Aquaculture is not yet able to replace the wild collect fishery so wild collections will remain the principle supply for specimens in our hobby.  
We now only deal in wild caught while we look for interesting new additions to our coral farm. Our main focus will be producing 100% cultured supplies.  
We ask you to consider before you buy to to give priority not only our own cultured options, but to support any venture offering better environmental choices. As demand for these type of products continues to grow, the industry trends will encourage other businesses to also move in this direction.