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Minimum Order  
Please note there is a minimum order value of $100 plus shipping on all orders containing live stock.  
Payment options are:  
  • Direct bank transfer (via your internet or phone banking service)  
  • Credit card (via Paypal)  
    How to track your order during transit:  
    Orders sent Startrack delivered to your door, use this link to track the order throughout the process -- Startrack  
    What happens once I place an order?  
    1) Once you have placed an order, each item in your order is immediately and automatically RESERVED for you in our system, so it cannot be sold twice.  
    2) We receive your order via email notification - we try to check the emails at least once daily Monday to Friday, usually in the morning (running the farm takes up a lot of our day so we don't spend all day continuing to monitor the email).  
    3) We double check you have selected the correct postage option, add any additional freight fees if you have a large order and apply any discount that you are entitled to.  
    Also we pick your corals to ensure your order will be fulfilled completely give them a health check and set them aside.  
    4) We email you a link to your order summary (Usually within 24hrs) with the CONFIRMED TOTAL PRICE. Bank details are also listed on this page, so you can pay by bank transfer. If you have selected Credit Card payment, a link to Paypal will be shown, where you can process your credit card payment. If you select the direct deposit option we require you to email us confirmation of the payment prior to shipping.  
    You can re-visit your Order Summary page at any time to check for the consignment number and status of your order.  
    5) Items in your order are given a final health check then shipped to you on the next (or nominated) shipping day. If you miss a payment deadline, it is not a problem - we will keep them set aside for you until the next available shipping day.  
    6) The weekend prior your shipment is due to arrive: We again email you for a reminder the shipment is being sent for the door to door option advising the tracking number is available.  
    Will my corals or fish survive the journey ?  
    We offer a 100% arrive alive guarantee. Normally only mishandling or delay by the freight company will result in a problem. Occasionally a bag may be punctured or a soft coral like xenia flipped. Regardless of the cause, as long as you notify us on arrival of your order we will give you an option of either;  
    * Full refund via EFT.  
    * Store credit for your next order.  
    * In some cases we can also offer a replacement shipment.  
    Is the photograph a true rendition of the coral?  
    We don't "shop" the pictures but corals will display differently under certain lighting conditions, computer monitors etc. We are always happy to answer any questions regarding lighting or take a few more snaps of the specimen if you're not sure.